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Tanya Routley
Specialist Educator
Clinical Hypnotherapist
About Me
Hello! I'm Tanya Routley and I'm so glad that you're here and that you're discovering my programs that bring relief and support to individuals, couples and families. I'm the founder and director of TLC Natural Health Works, a well established and thriving Natural Health Clinic in Melbourne, Australia. I also created the SMILEkit Program for Parents, Secrets to Teens who Thrive and Happy Parents-Happy Kids Emotional Freedom Programs.

I'm an accredited and certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, EFT and Family Freedom Protocol Therapist as well as a Goulding SleepTalk Consultant. I am also a trained teacher and mum of two gorgeous kids (yes, of course I'm biased!), extremely passionate about supporting parents and helping today's kids and teens grow up with a more positive and confident view of themselves so that they can deal better with whatever hardships they are facing or hurdles they may need to overcome.

With the increasingly alarming rates of childhood anxiety, depression, self-harming and teen suicide, together with widespread family stress, conflict and breakdown, it has become my absolute focus to reach and support as many families as I can. I've drawn on over two decades of education, training, work and personal life experience (plenty of my own very dark and challenging times!) to create programs that give families (parents, kids, tweens and teens) what they need to get through any 'storm' faster, so they can feel heard, supported, calmer and happier!

About My Programs
SMILEkit Program for Parents (for parents with kids 2-12 years) has been and continues to be an extremely successful program in my clinic environment with hundreds of parents loving the positive impact it has had on their kids and their own lives too. Many clients, even those that were initially skeptical, have gone on to give rave reviews. 

The SMILEkit Program provides lots of support, insights and powerful techniques for ALL parents with tots to tweens. Learn how you can help your kids cope better with change, challenges and overwhelming emotions faster, so they feel happier, calmer and more connected. Give your kids the best foundations to turn around negative self-talk and those anxious 'what-ifs' and instil in them more confidence and resilience to thrive. 

There are 2 ways you can access the content of the SMILEKit Program:

1. ONLINE Program - Access 6 self-paced modules (approx 45mins each), following video tutorials and printable PDF's, plus private Facebook support in the SMILEkit VIP Members Community.   
2. Private Program 3x 2hour sessions held with parents at TLC or live on Zoom, plus private Facebook support in the SMILEkit VIP Members Community.   

The Happy Parents Happy Kids - Emotional Freedom Programs are programs that I have developed especially to support parents (as individuals or couples), so they don't unintentionally 'unload' onto their kids. Kids mirror ALL our language, behaviour, beliefs and energy. If you're stressed, frustrated, unhappy or not coping, it's likely your kids may be feeling the same way and their behaviour will reflect this. If you don't feel 'worthy' or believe you're not 'good enough', they may doubt themselves too. They feel and absorb everything, even when you do your best to hide it! To feel safe, kids need their parents to be happy. Bottom line - think of the oxygen mask on a plane - how can we help our kids if we don't help ourselves?!

These programs each have a different focus, but they all help to empower you to find more balance, to feel good about yourself and your life, to re-ignite your passions and to help you release stress, anxiety, negative emotions, limiting beliefs and/or traumas of the past that may be keeping you feeling stuck. 

These comprehensive 3, 6, and 9 week programs are run at TLC Natural Health Works, or online Live via Zoom, where you will be completely supported and guided through every step of your journey. 

1. Emotional Freedom Program
2. Body Confidence Program 
3. Purpose and Passion Program

The Secrets to Teens Who Thrive Program is a program that I have developed especially to support teens going through the normal pressures of adolescence, study/exams and everyday life. Whatever the cause of the stress, it can get in the way of learning and can easily send teens (and parents) into a spin! These programs will set teens up with powerful tools and strategies to help them let go of negative emotions (anger, frustration, sadness, fear) and limiting self-beliefs (I'm not good at... I can't...) that may be stressing them out or inhibiting their motivation and ability to learn.

The Secrets to Teens Who Thrive Program will give them what they need to let go of any stress and anxiety they may be experiencing. It will support them through changes, hardships or setbacks and any issues they may be facing at home or school, with studying/exams, their health, relationships, future and life in general. They will gain awareness around their beliefs, especially those that may be keeping them stuck, so they can learn how to move forwards faster.

The Secrets to Teens who Thrive Program is run at TLC Natural Health Works or online LIVE, via Zoom. This program will help your teen to take positive action, to feel good about themselves and who they are as well as help them to discover their own individual gifts and values.

Teens have given such wonderful reviews, loving all the simple yet powerful strategies and the confidential outlet it gives them to feel heard and completely supported. This unique program boosts confidence, self-belief and emotional resilience and gives teens the mindset and foundations they need to learn, grow and thrive beyond their academics. 

Teens may also choose to watch and benefit from the comfort of their own home the Live Group Zooms.

Secrets to Teens Who Thrive Live Small Group Zooms:
> 90 minutes Live via Zoom  
> Next Lives: tbc 
> Only $97 

Zoom #1 - Mindset Essentials for Teens @4pm AEST
Teens will begin to learn how to: 
> cope better with change, stress and daily life challenges
> combat fear to stretch outside their comfort zone to grow and thrive
> get a 'can-do' mindset for action
> reduce stress, worries, frustration, pressure
> challenge beliefs that hold them back

Zoom #2 - Time-Out 'Tap n Relax' @4pm EAST
Teens will enjoy the relaxing experience of tapping. So simple, yet such a powerful relaxation technique to learn to give the mind and body a break.
> time-out tapping to vent, validate and process daily thoughts and feelings so they can learn to let go and relax faster
 > combats the 'fight/flight/freeze' and helps the 'rest & digest' response, promoting better sleep, digestion, concentration and clarity.

NB: No need to share or say anything! Teens can simply watch and learn with their cameras and microphones turned off!

Register your teen today! Call or sms Tanya on +61 425 777 837
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About My Clinic
TLC Natural Health Works was founded in 2002 and is located in Melbourne, Australia. It is a multi-disciplinary health clinic with an experienced practitioner team committed to restoring and maintaining your natural state of health and wellbeing. 

At TLC we have created a very calming and peaceful retreat that allows you to escape from the hectic pace of everyday life (even if only momentarily) and focus on what is really important - you and your family! 

Our TLC Practitioners provide the perfect balance of professional and personalised service. They adopt an individual and holistic approach to health care and go out of their way for their clients. I am very proud of our well regarded, passionate team, endorsed by the fact that a very high percentage of our business comes from client referrals.

                                Level 1, 163 Glenferrie Road Malvern 3144

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Clinical Hypnotherapist

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