SMILEkit Program 
for Parents: tots teens families 

 Get the right tools to learn how you can help your kids cope better with change, stress and big emotions.
Give your kids the best foundations to turn around negative self-talk and those anxious 'what-ifs' 
and instil in them more confidence, resilience and CALM. 
Feeling Worried? Stressed? Out of Control? Stuck? 
Hi!  I'm Tanya Routley - Specialist Educator, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Mum to two teens (my greatest teachers!)

Are you or your kids struggling in some way? Facing big changes, hardships and/or challenges? I know well the heavy toll it can take on a family; the stress and worry can be all consuming and you just wish you could make things better. 

I get it - not only as a mum, having experienced my own dark times, but also having worked with hundreds of families (parents, kids and teens) over the last two decades. I want to reassure you that I'm here for you, to help ensure things start changing for the better, from today!

The SMILEkit Program gives you the tools and strategies you need, as well as access to me, so you feel supported and can begin to reduce your stress and theirs!

SMILEkit will give you and your kids (aged 2-12) SMILE... 
  • S    Support for you, your kids and family
  • M   Mindset for growth and adaptability
  • ​ I    Independant, 'can-do' initiative
  • L    Love unconditionally
  • E   Emotional resilience
Is SMILEkit what you need? If you answer YES...then YES! 
  • Do you want to help your kids to cope better and feel less anxious, especially in times of change? - starting school (transition), new teacher, health diagnosis, moving house, sleeping away/school camp, family breakdown/separation, early puberty, new siblings...COVID-19 Pandemic... just to mention a few! 
  • Do you want to give your kids the best foundations to help them navigate hardships and setbacks so they have the confidence and resilience to bounce back, thrive and reach their full potential? Do you want the best for your kids mental and emotional well-being?
  • ​Is something worrying you about your kids' behaviour and/or challenges they are facing? (socially, emotionally, academically, physically) Do you want access to simple, natural and effective tools and support to help support them and boost their ability to cope?
  • Are you time poor and want to feel more connected with your kids? Do you work long hours and/or in a separated relationship and don't get to spend as much quality time with your kids as you'd like? Do you want to give them the best and ensure they know they are loved and supported?
  •  Are you experiencing your own stress, anxiety and/or depression (or other negative emotions like anger, guilt, fear and 'not good enough' feelings) and want to protect your kids from this? Do you worry about the impact your past emotional burdens and hardships may be having on your kids?
  • Do you want more insights and support navigating parenthood and want to parent more positively and more consciously?
 SMILEkit helps with...
  • ​Day-to-Day Worries, Stress, Anxiety, Fears, Phobias, Confusion  
  • ​Managing Strong Emotions like Frustration, Anger, Disappointment
  • ​Managing Behaviour, Tantrums, Sensitivity, Shyness
  • ​Coping with Change - Health diagnosis, Starting school, School transition, Moving, New siblings
  • ​ Family Separation and Divorce, Hardships, Bullying
  • ​Sibling Fighting, Cooperation, Attitude
  • ​ASD, ADHD, School Refusal, Confidence, Self-Esteem
  • ​Bedwetting, Habits, Nail Biting, Thumb Sucking, 
  • ​Eating, Sleeping and Toilet Training Issues
  • ​Study Stress, Friendship Stress, Family Stress
SMILEkit gives families the foundations, tools and support needed to Combat Anxiety and overcome challenges
  • ​Parents access x6  45-60 minute modules. Session #1: Modules 1&2. Session #2: Modules 3&4. Session #3: Modules 5&6.
  • ​MODULE 1: Discover how to use simple language to positively impact kids' behaviour and self esteem and what language to avoid. 
  • ​MODULE 2: Instil a positive, can-do mindset and remedy any negative or limiting beliefs at the deeper level. 
  • ​MODULE 3: Learn how to create connection and a strong sense of identity and security with unique rituals. 
  • ​MODULE 4: Learn powerful, yet easy techniques to manage stress and combat anxiety (all the 'what-ifs'!)  
  • ​MODULES 5 & 6: Reassessment and Support for parents and families as a whole as well as information on how to 'Tackle the Tech' with kids and School Transition.
  • There are 3 ways you can access the SMILEkit Program: Sign up here below for the Online SMILEkit Program where you can go at your own pace by following the video tutorials and printable PDF's OR Call Tanya on +61 425 777 837 to book a Private SMILEkit Program with face-to-face, 1-1 support specifically tailored to your child's and family's needs OR join a small Group SMILEkit workshop live on Zoom with Tanya.
  • ​Too busy? Time Poor? I promise you investing a little time and troubleshooting now will be far less time consuming than dealing with unresolved issues in the teenage years and beyond! 
  • ​Happy, confident, resilient kids LEARN better. The SMILEkit Program delivers what all kids need to thrive and supports you too.
  • ​Access unlimited support in our private Facebook SMILEkit VIP Members Community. Access me in there too!
Why the SMILEkit Program is so successful...
  • Think of an iceberg. The insights, tools and techniques in SMILEkit get to the CAUSE of the problems and address what is really going on below the water level, as well as address the symptoms and behaviour you're seeing on the surface.
  • ​Parents feel supported and empowered. They become aware of what their kids need most, what they can say and do and specifically how to do it (as well as what to avoid!) to reduce stress and anxiety and create more connection and calm.
  • ​It's completely natural and may reduce the need for medication and/or therapy.
  • ​It's easy to learn and apply 
  • ​Affordable investment in your kids' emotional wellbeing. Many parents spend SO much money and time on kids' physical activities... swimming, tennis, footy, basketball.... SMILEkit supports their mental health and development too.
  • ​The tips and techniques found in SMILEkit will positively benefit the whole family through many different ages and stages.
What Parents say...
" ...This Is An Amazing Program! We Started Seeing Changes In Our Kids' Behaviour After Only A Week!
"...This Has Been The Most Positive Experience, Not Just For Our Kids But For Our Whole Family!
"...I Can't Thank You Enough For All That You Have Taught Me...We Have Calm In Our Family Again.
Get Started Today with Online SMILEKit!
ONLY $497 
 'What is it worth to you to have happy kids?' 
Give your kids the best foundations and tools for life!
NB: If you would prefer personalised, face-to-face support, tailored specifically to your child, SMILEkit is also available at TLC or via Zoom. Simply call +61 425 777 837 to arrange a Private SMILEkit Program
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With love and thanks
Tanya Routley
P.S.  SMILEkit brings together the best tips and techniques to support YOU, so you can protect and support your kids' wellbeing, naturally. This program continues to be successful in my clinic environment in Melbourne, but with the increasingly alarming rates of childhood anxiety, depression and suicide, it has become my absolute passion to reach and offer support to as many parents and families as I can, which is why SMILEkit is now available online and via Zoom.
P.P.S Remember... kids mirror ALL our language, behaviour and energy. If you're stressed and not coping, it's likely your kids may be feeling the same way and their behaviour will reflect this. As parents, we often need additional support so we don't unintentionally unload our stress onto our kids! 

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All programs available at TLC Natural Health Works or online via Zoom. Simply call +61 425 777 837 to arrange an Initial Consultation.
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